Fraternity Life in Sigma Pi

When you’re not attending classes, participating in labs, and working on assignments, you can spend your time studying, working together, and connecting with your fellow brothers in the Sigma Pi house. We have an open-door policy and welcome opportunities to hold conversations and work with one another.

Recreational Activities

  • Open access to the personal house gym.
  • XBOX and Nintendo Switch connected to individual TVs to play against each other and spend time together.
  • Playing games on personal devices (XBOX, PlayStation, PC, etc.). We like to game together in our free time to create bonds and fun experiences!
  • Intramural sports throughout the week with Greek house teams and CoRec teams with other sororities to have fun and participate in a sport together.
  • A basement full of arcade games, a pool table, and table tennis with plenty of space for any other activities you’d like to do.
  • Backyard and patio for playing catch, shooting hoops, and enjoying regular bonfires.

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Sigma Pi Alpha Iota Chapter intramural champs

Weekends in the Sigma Pi House

Weekends are eventful with plenty of social events with other fraternities and sororities to help you connect and establish solid bonds with your peers.

Throughout the year, Sigma Pi’s brothers also enjoy countless games and events with each other, including:

  • Paintball
  • Float trips
  • Occasional camping trips
  • Sporting events
  • Bonfires with family and friends
  • Exciting house tournaments with prizes to win
Sigma Pi Alpha Iota Chapter pi hole winners

Philanthropic Events and Efforts

Sigma Pi is also heavily involved in philanthropic events and efforts.

Raising funds for non-profit organization

  • Cornhole with the police
  • Yard games with the fire department
  • Trivia nights for cancer research
  • And more

Community Service Events

  • Highway cleanups
  • Raking leaves for the elderly in senior retirement homes
  • Anything else where we can get our hands dirty giving back to the community

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